At D & K Inc we have qualified conveyancers and a team of attorneys and staff specialising in conveyancing and assisting the conveyancers in their duties.  A conveyancer is an attorney who has specialized in the preparation of Deeds and documents which by law are registrable in a Deeds Office and who are permitted to do so after practical examination and admission by the High Court of South Africa.  Conveyancing is the law, processes, practices and procedures whereby ownership and other rights in immovable property are created, maintained and transferred and in which processes a number of actors participate.

Our main goal is to effect transfer of immovable property from one person to another, as quickly and efficiently as possible and in accordance with all laws, rules and regulations in force or relevant and at the same time to ensure that all practical and financial arrangement have been made for and on behalf of our clients.  Be part of this dynamic process by appointing our firm to attend to the transfer of your property which can only benefit you due to our experience, hard work and dedication in this field.