Labour Law

D & K Attorneys offers services to assist both Employers and Employees regarding any Labour dispute.

We assist our clients from completing the necessary forms until the matter is heard.  We ensure that our clients are kept up to date with the progress on their matter and advise them of the next step to be taken.   We deal with various labour related matters both regarding both Unfair Labour Practices as well as various forms of Unfair Dismissals.  We further assist with the drafting of a Contract of Employment as well as the interpretation of Contracts of Employment.

D& K Attorneys provides our clients with an honest assessment of their prospects of success during our consultations and place all the options before our clients, giving our clients the opportunity to make an informed choice on whether to proceed with the matter.


D & K Attorneys assists our clients in completing the necessary referral forms prescribed by the CCMA and we attend to the referral of the matter.  We further follow up regularly regarding whether a Case number has been allocated as well as dates and times of any Hearing to be held.

Once the matter has been finalised, we advise our clients of the outcome of the Commissioners decision and explain any further legal implications.


Should our client be unhappy with the findings of the CCMA, D & K Attorneys assist our clients with the referrals to the Labour Court.

We tend to the necessary procedural requirements from having the recording of the hearing transcribed to finalising the record of the matter.

We assist clients with urgent Applications to the Labour Court as and when necessary.


D & K Attorneys provides assistance to employees in preparing for their Disciplinary Hearings advising them of their rights.  Should the Employer’s Disciplinary Code allow for the representation by an Attorney, we represent our client in their Disciplinary Hearing.

We assist Employers with the procedure involved in a Disciplinary Hearing, from the necessary Notices to the chairing of the Disciplinary Hearing.

We strive to ensure that Labour Disputes are resolved in an efficient manner.