Sales and Lease Agreements

At D & K Attorneys we understand that each Lease Agreement is unique - not just a simple agreement between two parties.  There are various aspects contained in a Lease Agreement which could affect your Legal Position, whether it be that the agreement was cancelled prematurely, that you as the Landlord sustained certain damages, that you as the Lessee have not received your deposit back.

That is why we can assist you - the individual, the Corporate Institution, the Residential Lessor, the Residential Lessee in making sure that your Legal Position is the best it can be, even before concluding the Lease Agreement we can help by drafting an agreement which cater to your specific needs and should an argument arise you will have certainty in knowing that there is a Lease Agreement in place which will protect and enforce your Legal Rights.

We at D & K Attorneys are the only people you should trust when it comes to securing your peace of mind.  Let us take your doubts, fears and reservations and replace them with an agreement that you will be secure and confident about.  Don’t wait - contact us now in order to schedule a consultation.